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The noble eased himself away from the blonde at the appearance of the thundering beast, amethyst eyes narrowed at the sight of it huffing in front of him, hooves violently scraping the ground and head down ready to charge while his two large hounds growled dangerously in response as they placed themselves in front of Jean, ears tucked behind and tail standing on it’s end as their jaws snapped at the beast.

Aubade was peeking out from the now tattered and blown apart entrance of the broom closet, eyes widen in amazement at  the choice of transformation that the young lad chose. No matter how many times she saw it, it still amazed her every time he delve into one of his animal forms. To think that she knows someone as magnificent as this; was something she still find herself in awe over.

Jean took a step forward towards the animal, his platinum streaks flutter slightly with his movements as his tone lowered dangerously. “Get the girl. Leave this beast to me.” His gloved palms connected for a moment before he pulled them further away from each other, a slight glow emitted from them as the particles stringed together and formed themselves into a long rapier. The noble swiftly flipped it to his side, a ready stance for any attack the beast in front of him was ready to lay to him. 

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♛ Ace of Spades ♠: Smile


The platinum haired noble’s eye twitch in response to her allegations against him. It seemed as though despite the somewhat truth in her accusations and the difficulty in denying her of these accusations, it irked him all the same to hear it to be put so blatantly by the blonde.

He leaned himself over her dangerously, the blonde inched behind slightly in response as her back met the counter-shelf, stopping her from avoiding him any much further as his hand was placed just at her side, preventing her to make much of an escape.

“You know me, Patricia. Patience is not one of my virtues. Don’t make say it again; 

                  Hand me the children.”

Her cerulean gaze was glazed with slight anxiety from the animosity that leaked through his tone and amethyst gaze, but she wasn’t going to back down from her stance. No. She will protect them, even if it would be from someone she cared for.

Patricia stayed silent, her eyes communicated her answer to him non-verbally, a strong opposition to his request as she gripped the counter shelf, mentally coaching herself to stand her ground. 

The silence wasn’t the answer Jean wanted obviously, as he commanded the twins in a strict tone, still not moving from his current position with Patricia, eyes still connected with hers.

“Sniff them out. Tear down anything you need to.”

The twins immedietly started to work, their forms slowly changing to that of two large wolves, growls and snapping jaws filled the house as they rampaged about and sniffing all over the place, making a complete mess of the house. knocking over tables and stacks of books as Jean simply stared at Patricia, as if silently threatening her that it would get much worse if she doesn’t cooperate.

He leaned closer softly, his long strands of pale hair falling off his shoulders as he did as his lips placed themselves right next to her ears, his next few words were but a whisper, laced with animosity but a single string of sadness.

“There is something I need to do. And I won’t stop until I accomplish it. Not even you can change that.”

The murmurs from beyond the hidden closet door were no less muffled than before, but Aredhel was starting to get more and more uneasy. A churning, unsettling feeling was building in the pit of his stomach, and he was trying his best not to fidget so much, lest he alarm Aubade of his anxieties. The girl herself was already a bundle of nerves. Aredhel could feel her hand that was buried in his fur shaking slightly.

He turned his head, meaning to give her hand a reassuring lick with his cat tongue, but just then a jolting sense washed over him, and he jumped up, facing the door.

Aubade removed her hand, startled. “What is it?” she asked, remembering just in time to whisper. From what she could see, the fur on Aredhel’s cat body was standing on end, and his ears were flattened back. “What’s wrong?”

“Morfs,” hissed the cat. Aubade’s eyed the door anxiously, but she could hear nothing that might tell her there were Morphs beyond it. “How do you know?” she whispered, reaching out to touch the cat. His muscles were tense, his body crouched low, ready to spring into action.

“I can sortuf… sense when a Morf changes shape…”replied Aredhel. “Let’s just say the transformation releases a kinduv signal… that can be picked up by other Morfs…

“And… there are two of em.”

Two? Aubade instantly thought of the twins, and their huge, solid bulk, and her heart sank. Their previous encounter with them did not turn out at all well, and that was when they were in their human forms. Aubade didn’t want to think of what they could do if they shared the same shape-shifting abilities as Aredhel.

An urgent scrabbling noise from the beyond the closet door brought her focus to the present. Her mind raced, trying desperately to think of a way out, but try as she might, there was none. They were trapped.


Aredhel’s voice was low, and somehow much less comical than before, though he was still in cat form. It did nothing to calm Aubade’s racing heart.


“Step back a little. And get ready to run.”


The wolves didn’t take long to sniff out their prey. In their animal shape, their sense of smell was heightened, and soon enough, they sought out the hidden broom closet. The door was well hidden by Miss Patricia’s handiwork, but their noses never lied. One of them laid a massive paw on the wallpaper and felt the wood behind it give just a little. This is no wall. There’s a door here.

The two wolves set to work with their sharp claws, tearing away the floral wallpaper, little by little revealing the broom closet door. Jean watched them from the living room doorway, his arms and body still barring Miss Patricia’s way.

“Sneaky, sneaky,” tutted the platinum-haired man, smiling just a little. “Hiding them with your powers. But I’m afraid even your little magic paper tricks are no use with my wolves.”

The blonde clenched her teeth, cursing herself for overlooking the fact that Jean might have his own Morphs under his charge. She had to do something. There was no way she was going to just stand there and let Jean take the children. She had no idea what he wanted them for, but it had been years since the days when the two of them were best friends. Now, she wasn’t sure whether she could still trust him or not.

Think, Patricia, think. You’re supposed to be the brains of the family. What the Hell can I do-

Just then an enormous crashing, splintering sound erupted from the hallway, making her jump. Even Jean looked momentarily startled at the noise, giving the blonde enough time to duck away from him. All eyes were on the broom closet – or what was left of it.

The door was now hanging by one hinge. There was splintered wood all over the hallway floor, and torn wallpaper was flying around everywhere. And bolting out of the tiny room was a thick-skinned, coal-black rhino.

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Characters for my RP with Ryu. Younger versions, that is. 

Mila would have gotten Seryth as her Morph when she was 11, and he 15.

A leedle story of Seryth’s birth, after the page break!

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